30 May 2019

Rodrigo Alcantara

Rodrigo Alcántara

Senior Lecturer

FQM166 - Diamond-Aerospace Group
Department of Physical-Chemistry at Cádiz University
  • C/República Saharaui s/n Campus Puerto Real Facultad de Ciencias
  • +34 956 016467
  • rodrigo.alcántara(@)uca.es
  • 0000-0003-1566-7070



Optical and electrical properties

Dr. Rodrigo Alcántara is Senior Lecturer in the Department of Physical Chemistry, University of Cádiz (Spain). He received his Chemistry degree (1986) and Ph.D. (1994) in the University of Cádiz. He has a long-standing experience in vibrational and electronic spectroscopy: IR spectroscopy, Raman and UV-Vis spectroscopy. Furthermore, he has extensive experience in electrical characterization of materials and devices: semiconductor I-V and C-V measurements, Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy, Laser Beam Induced Current. Nowadays, his research work focuses on development of nanofluids with applications as heat transfer fluid in thermal solar energy and the use of diamonds as semiconductors for power devices.