30 May 2019

Marina Gutierrez

Marina Gutiérrez

Senior Lecturer

TEP-120 - Diamond-Aerospace Group
Department of science materials metallurgical engineering and inorganic chemistry at Cádiz University
  • C/República Saharaui s/n Campus Puerto Real Facultad de Ciencias
  • +34 956 016556
  • marina.gutiérrez(@)uca.es
  • 0000-0002-9327-4582


Structural characterization

Fotovoltaic cells

TEM  Techniques

III-V semiconductors


She is Senior Lecture in the Department of Material Science and Metallurgic Engineering (University of Cadiz, Spain). She was appointed as Research Assistant to the University of Sheffield (U.K.) in September 2004. Previously, she had a postdoctoral position in the same University fully sponsored by the Government of Spain after being awarded her PhD. from the University of Cadiz in 2002. She is an expert in structural characterization of semiconducting materials, specifically wide bandgap (diamond, SiC) and III-V heterostructures, by TEM. Since 2007, she is dedicated to the electron microscopy characterization of diamond power devices: MOSFET and SBD using diffraction contrast (CTEM), high resolution (HREM) and STEM related techniques on FIB prepared samples. In 2018, she begins to work on diamond/carbon fiber material for aeronautic applications with an EXPLORA project of the Spanish ministry. She co-direct with Prof. Daniel Araujo 3 PhD thesis and is author of 69 international publications. She has led three projects as the project manager and participated in ten ones as a researcher.