30 May 2019

Javier Navas

Javier Navas

Senior Lecturer

FQM166 - Diamond-Aerospace Group
Department of Physical-Chemistry at Cádiz University
  • C/República Saharaui s/n Campus Puerto Real Facultad de Ciencias
  • +34 956 01 6553
  • javier.navas(@)uca.es
  • 0000-0001-7569-0809



Optical properties

Thermal properties


Dr. Javier Navas is senior lecturer at the Science Faculty, University of Cádiz, Spain. He received his Chemistry degree in 1998 and his Ph D in 2004 in the University of Cádiz. His research interest includes advanced nanomaterials for solar energy. Currently, he is working in the synthesis of nanomaterials and their applications in solar energy, photovoltaics and solar thermal, and also in the optical and thermal characterization of diamonds for power devices. Nowadays, his activity is focussed on the thermal characterization of nanofluids for heat transfer processes, with high skills in the characterization of thermophysical properties for nanomaterials. He is interested in interfaces related issues as diamond/meta/diamond oxide for Schottky diamond diodes. He uses XPS and DFT calculations to evaluate the electrical behaviour induced by interface configuration.