30 May 2019

Fernando Lloret

Fernando Lloret

Fernando Lloret

Associate Professor

TEP-120 - Diamond-Aerospace Group
Department of physics at Cadiz University
  • C/República Saharaui s/n Campus Puerto Real Facultad de Ciencias
  • +34 956 01 64 03
  • fernando.lloret(@)uca.es
  • 0000-0002-6506-4027


MPCVD diamond growth

TEM  Techniques


Fernando Lloret has a BSc degree in Physics from the University of Seville a MSc in Science and Technologies of Chemistry, from the University of Cádiz and he is Doctor in Physics from the University of Grenoble-Alps and Doctor in Science from the University of Cádiz (2017)

He began his research career at UCA, working on the study of diamond as substrate for microelectromechanical devices. His work was focused on the TEM lamellas fabrication by FIB as well as their structural characterization  by TEM related techniques. At the end of 2012, he started working at FORTH of Greece. His reserach work was, the growth by molecular beam epitaxy and the clean room. In 2015, he moved to France as PhD student in the Grenoble-Alps University, he started working in the Institut Néel-CNRS of Grenoble. He worked in the diamond growth samples by MPCVD, their characterization by CL, TEM and SEM and the. As a resulted of this work, he received his PhD degree. After his PhD he moved to Belgium where he was working with a competitive visiting fellowship post-doc junior. Dedicated to diamond growth using MPCVD (NIRIM and ASTEX )and LAPECVD reactors for n and p doped diamond growth (monocrystal and polycrystalline ones) for electronic and quantum aplications as well as aeronautical  ones.